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Tangent are a one-stop-shop for graphic design for marketing & communications plus commercial and retail interior design. Talk to us if you need to sell more, persuade a difficult conference audience or transform your company catering environment. We have a demonstrable track record in improving sales and creating beautiful brochures, hitting exhibition deadlines and making difficult spaces work.







‘We organised a trawl through the local

design agencies and you came out

the best.’


Jerry Horwood

Managing Director

2nd Byte Limited

Tangent Partnership Ltd is a successful graphic design and commercial interior design agency with core skills in the commercial, corporate and consumer sectors. The company was founded in 2000 by two designers who together have over 40 years’ industry experience.


We offer a broad range of design services including corporate identity and brand identity consultancy. This extends to cutting-edge graphic design for brochures, leaflets, direct mail, websites, exhibition stand design and point of sale / purchase material. We also offer commercial and retail interior design for all markets, including hotels and restaurants.


In terms of digital design we provide social media, digital marketing strategy, interactive, mobile, ecommerce, hosting, permission based email marketing
and email.


We believe that there are no hard and fast rules for successful design. Instead, we pursue what is effective – working within the coherent environmental policy that underpins all our activity.


Our creative process first involves identifying the key features of the design problem, then brainstorming and developing original solutions through lateral thinking.


We – like you – are results-driven and move quickly from the moment we are briefed to propose customised strategies devised to achieve your goals.


We believe that simple is good, but if complex works better, then complex can be good too. Since audiences respond so positively to colour, excitement and surprises, if we can build these in to a project, we will do.


We are proud to have no ‘house style’. The most successful graphic design for any project will be defined by the client’s corporate brand identity and brief.


Our approach to creating effective design is straightforward. We strive to build partnerships with our clients, breaking down the ‘us and them’ barriers to ensure clear, unclouded communication at all stages of the design process.


We offer


• London centred brand identity graphic design and corporate identity,


• You can improve sales and conversions with cutting edge graphic design. Corporate identity specialist Tangent offers branding solutions and brochure design.


At the core of our offer is the brand.


It has been said that a strong brand identity is the most potent weapon in the marketeer’s arsenal - out-hitting advertising, direct mail, packaging, web-presence, you name it.


It’s an interesting point, even if it’s pointlessly academic, since the brand cannot exist in a vacuum. It can only be of any value if it is seen. And how and where it is seen, what it looks and feels like depends entirely on the product.


The task is to create a brand which is distinctive, timeless and therefore powerful.


First step - a marketing audit. We examine all current brand communications, from stationery and literature, website to advertising, to build on what ’s working and discard what’s not.


This will include a visual critique of key pieces and a full tone of voice audit to ensure that the style of copywriting supports the essence of your brand.


We don’t indulge in wheel-reinvention for the sake of it. But we would be very surprised if this exercise doesn’t lead to cost savings in your procurement processes.


Understanding competitor activity. Who are your competitors for ‘share of mind’? Which of them do you most admire in terms of approach? Is anyone doing things particularly well? Does anyone occupy the position in the nation’s or world’s consciousness to which you aspire?


By looking at examples of organisations that are doing similar things well, and those that are doing them badly, we can quickly gain an understanding of the environment in which you operate.


Only when we understand the answers to these questions and a brief is formulated do we proceed with creative work, which may include both name generation and brand identity design.


We work creating brand identity, corporate identity, graphic design and brochure design for London and across Europe but primarily in the UK, in areas such as Farnham, Guildford, Basingstoke, Chichester, Surrey and Sussex.



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